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We are currently knitting on our new website.
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Our mesh:
The strongest connections trough innovative combinations

Whether you’re looking for techniques, products or materials - Buck welcomes you with a very special range of services: through our very own tool-manufacturing and engineering we can offer you highly interesting solutions in the form of our Technical Knitted Products (TKP). Advice, years of experience, unique technologies and quick implementation are all included. As a result your projects are not only knitted first-class, but also have a perfect finish. Give us your task - we’ll knit the solution.

Always in good shape for you
- our flexible knitted fabrics also ensure this

Our claim is certified quality at the highest level! With our typically Swabian ingenuity and innovative spirit, we knit solutions made of stainless steel wire, temperature-resistant glass and carbon fibers, which make you even more flexible in all aspects of damping, stabilising, insulating and compensating - from the idea to the individual prototype or special production to the mature series.

Buck is your committed and reliable partner, whether

Automotive; Mechanical engineering, Drive and industrial technology; Environmental, Filter, Insulation and safety technology; Cooling appliances; Medical technology;
or - other innovative industries....

What we produce:
Carbon fibre knitted | Glass fibre knitted | Knitted catalyst | Kevlar fabric | Overknitted metal winding hose | Damping rings | Damped ball bearing | Graphite seal ring | Demister | Chalk scaler | Self-constructions | Self-construction according to customer's wishes | Handmanufacturer | Knitted ceramic brake disks

Make the most of everything -
because we offer added value in a class of its own

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