Currently, only about 10% of the full potential of technical knitted materials has been exploited. And the possibilities are almost inexhaustible. The more we have learned over the years, the more likely we are to spot potential applications and areas of use. This is what drives us again and again to think outside the box and beyond all sectors.


Often you just have to think outside the box. Being a little daring, even a little ‘crazy’ and trying to make the impossible possible. For example, innovative ideas such as carbon concrete made of knitted carbon fiber.

The benefit? High stability with small dimensions. In a nutshell: lighter and more stable than reinforced concrete. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. Basalt fibers are also being tested in concrete.

Basalt fibers are also very popular in maritime transport: basalt knits are used where wooden planks, buoys and supports come into contact with salt water and need to be protected against algae formation. To knit basalt fibers is difficult, but possible. Thanks to our special knitting technique, we have mastered the art of producing a filament-break-free knit like no other.


We love taking on new challenges. Whether you need a solution for damping, sealing, filtering or protecting, just tell us about the specific problem or challenge you’re facing. We’ll be happy to develop a customized solution for you.