Filter solutions.

So that only what is supposed to go through goes through.

Whether exhaust gases are to be cleaned, oil treated, or legionella filtered out of drinking water: For all of these, we provide you with solutions in which we utilize the advantages of technical meshes.

Our air filters or demisters made of knitted stainless steel wire, for example, offer a large specific surface area and, thus, high efficiency in industrial plants. Droplet separators effectively separate liquid mist from ambient air or specific process gases. Our liquid and air filters, in turn, offer long service life with excellent chemical resistance.

In plant engineering, our fiberglass knitted fabrics are recommended because they offer optimal thermal insulation, are resistant to aging, are chemically resistant and non-flammable.

Since we use compressed knitted fabrics as a basis, all our products achieve a high degree of efficiency with considerable service life. Moreover, they can withstand temperatures far beyond the limits of other materials.

With "kessy" against limescale.

Kessy is a new type of lime trap developed by us, made of high-quality knitted stainless steel wire, which serves well in kettles, electric water boilers or similar appliances.

The limescale, which would otherwise be deposited on the bottom or wall of e.g. a kettle or remain in the water, is attracted to a large extent by the large, knitted surface of "kessy" and remains there. In the case of water with a high lime content, this is visible within a short time by a white lime haze.

"kessy" works without any chemicals - to the benefit of health, the environment and good taste. In addition, valuable energy and time can be saved because the appliance will only need to be descaled half as often in the future.

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