Heat Protection.

BUCK Isoknit Insulation Knits

What works in the clothing industry as a knitted winter sweater can also be applied in the technology sector as insulation for hot pipes. This is precisely the idea behind BUCK Isoknit insulation knits. They are a clever alternative for insulation in high-temperature applications.

The knitted tape, a flat-laid tube made of high-temperature glass or other fibers, is extremely conformable. Due to the pore volume of the knitted fabric, a significantly better insulation effect can be achieved. In addition, it is easy to process because it is flexible and does not crumble.

The good processability and high utility value make Isoknit so attractive. We knit the fiber material gently using the special BUCK knitting technology. BUCK Isoknit insulation knits are recommended for temperatures up to 750 °C (1,382 °F). For extreme temperatures above 1,000 °C, we also optionally process silicate or even ceramic fibers into BUCK Isoknit belts or sleeves.

The features of BUCK Isoknit insulating knits:

  • Material: High-temperature glass 750 °C
  • Temperature resistance: 750 °C (1,382 °F)
  • Chemical resistance: according to manufacturer's specifications

Areas of application:

  • Filter technology
  • Foundry
  • Heat protection
  • and much more

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