We are committed to the green idea.

A sense of responsibility towards society and the environment: this is how we at BUCK interpret ecological and social sustainability. Right from the development stage, we attach great importance to the potential of our products in terms of saving resources and reducing emissions. This has resulted in a number of innovative solutions.


The Buckshülle: a biobased and biodegradable tree growth cover.

Our biodegradable tree cover for forestry is a good example of our sustainable way of thinking. Its goal is to banish plastic or microplastics from the forest. After all, the forest has a special significance as a habitat for flora and fauna, but also as an economic factor, raw material supplier, climate protector and as a space of experience and retreat for people seeking recreation.

Unlike the familiar plastic growth covers, the environmentally friendly Buckshülle is made of the natural fiber cotton and polylactic acid, which is extracted from corn. We process the tube, which is created in the first step of production, into a solid tube using a special process.

Download the assembly instructions PDF file

Plastic in the forest? It doesn’t have to be.

Our buck cover helps the growth of the tree, and protects the seedlings from being nibbled by deer and from bucks rubbing the bast skin of their young antlers on them. The material is permeable to air and light and protects the plants from drying out.

Since the buck cover is bio-based and hardly noticeable in the environment, it can be left in the forest after successful use. Our desire is for it to replace traditional plastic grow covers to prevent forest pollution and to keep plastic out in the first place.

The "Buckshülle" is rated & certified with 4 of 4 stars in the OK biobased test (TÜV Austria).

Download the OK biobased TÜV Austria certificate

The advantages of the Buckshülle:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • The buckshülle is made of bio-based material, so it leaves no microplastics behind when it decomposes.
  • Growth
  • Thanks to the knitted envelope structure, the plant is provided with sufficient light and oxygen.
  • Ventilation
  • Sufficient ventilation prevents a rise in humidity inside the envelope. This reduces the risk of mold and fungus growth.
  • Overheating due to heat accumulation is also prevented.
  • Customer specification
  • The mesh pitch, mesh size and envelope length can be customized.
  • Protection
  • Protects the plant from game damage and weeds.
  • Durability
  • The cover guarantees protection for at least 5 years.
  • Handling
  • The weight of the buckshülle is very low, 120 grams for a length of 120 centimeters. Thus, they can be easily transported in place by manpower, even in poorly accessible planting sites. The assembly time is also shorter than for the well-known plastic covers.

The Living Wall: greening facades with BUCK.

To create impressive vertical gardens that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications: That's the idea behind the Living Wall. For this product, we are working together with Vertiko. The Freiburg-based company produces the Living Wall using material from BUCK: a knitted fabric made of glass and basalt fibers.

Vertiko embeds the plants in the pockets we knit into the material and later cares for it. Because the knitted fabric can be draped, it is much easier to work with than the conventional material used for this purpose. Thus, it can be adapted to almost any geometric shape. The roots of the plants can easily connect with the knitted fabric and receive more oxygen and light due to the special shape of the knitted fabric. Since glass and basalt are non-combustible, the finished Living Wall also serves as a green fire barrier.

A key advantage of the system is that the plants do not grow on the wall, which could otherwise be destroyed. In addition, the plants have a cooling effect in summer due to their moisture. They insulate the rooms and also provide oxygen. And, of course, such a facade greening is a real feast for the eyes.

For the Living Wall we use:

  • Glass fiber (E-CR glass, boron-free) 600 tex
  • Basalt fiber 300 tex
  • Stainless steel wire 1.4301, Ø 0.12mm

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