Sanitary engineering: Everything leak-tight, everything dry.

Our cut protection tape is just the beginning.

Making your own home more beautiful, more modern and more comfortable - this has been a megatrend for a long time. Especially in products such as bathtubs, shower trays and more, technical meshes have a lot of potential. And offer a good deal more safety for craftsmen and residents.

For example, our alButex cut protection tape protects sealing foils under maintenance joints when these need to be replaced and are cut open with a cutter knife for this purpose. The decisive advantage: The sealing foil remains tight, and the risk of water damage due to an unnoticed cut in the sealing foil is averted.

The cut protection tape therefore offers advantages and safety for both sides. For the craftsman, the ease of application also makes work more comfortable than with conventional cut protection tapes. However, it is not only private households and tradesmen who benefit from the advantages of our cut protection tape, but also, for example, public bathrooms, faucet manufacturers and manufacturers of bathroom appliances.

At BUCK, however, we are already looking further into the future as far as the possible applications of technical mesh in sanitary technology are concerned. We are already thinking about water filters, filters for legionella and damping elements for bathtubs with a massage function. The potential is great - we are working on it.

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