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Damage or even injury caused by inadequate protection against cuts – is still a hot topic in many industries. Our technical meshes prove time and again to be effective and safe solutions to this challenge. Current examples include protective films for the sanitary sector and innovative cut protection shoes for forestry work. But many other applications are also conceivable.


The alButex cut protection tape from BUCK.

Silicone joints in the sanitary area are maintenance joints, which are usually removed with a cutter knife during renovation. An unintentional cut with the cutter knife into the protective film when removing the old joint, and the damage caused by a build-up of water under the tiles is pre-programmed. The solution: the alButex cut protection tape made of high-tech composites. It protects the sealing foil under the tub whenever the silicone joint needs to be replaced during a bathroom renovation.

We developed the alButex cut protection tape for a premium manufacturer of bathtubs and shower trays. It is very user-friendly and smooth to install, yet offers extreme cut resistance. It can even withstand a chainsaw - we tested it.

The advantage: seals at wall and floor transitions as well as connection and expansion joints are reliably protected when cutting out and renewing silicone joints.

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The alButex cut protection tape is the ideal solution ...

  • for mounting on the composite waterproofing
  • for the protection of the composite sealing when renewing the maintenance joint.
  • Our cut protection tape protects the sealing film up to a force of over 114 Newtons, which corresponds to a contact pressure of over 11 kg.

The manufacturing advantages of the alButex cut protection tape are also convincing:

  • It offers better adaptability to the substrate.
  • Unlike a stainless steel strip, it does not have to be repositioned at the corners.
  • It can be corrected several times without the need for tools - also unlike a stainless steel strip.
  • It can be laid exactly centimeter by centimeter (drapability).
  • There is no danger of damaging the sealing tape by protruding wires (as with a stainless steel tape) or of injuring one's hands.
  • It does not damage the cutter knife.

alButex by BUCK for cut protection shoes.

Forest work has its own challenges. One of the most important is to protect people during chainsaw work. And to do so without severely restricting his freedom of movement.

Together with Rottenburg University of Applied Sciences, we spent two and a half years researching and experimenting - and in the end developed a fabric in which we were able to reduce Kevlar as a material significantly. Instead, we knit various high-modulus fibers, which we then post-treat in a complex process.

Pfanner, an Austrian supplier of protective clothing, integrates our innovative cut protection insert with the protected brand name alButex in its professional shoe. It makes working with chainsaws significantly safer because it meets the highest cut protection standards.

An extended research project for cut protection inserts in jackets is already underway.

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