Knitted Wire mesh and fiber knitted fabrics.

It's amazing what they can do.

Most people know what a knitted fabric is. But only a few people know what we can make from wire knitted and fiber knitted fabrics - quite a lot. Above all, we can produce small and large series parts individually according to your requirements with our self-made tools. And we do it very quickly and just as reliably.

At BUCK we produce technical meshes from two different groups of materials: from various types of wire (including stainless steel, Inconel, copper, aluminium, silver, tungsten and titanium) or from a wide range of fibres (including carbon fibres, glass fibres, basalt fibres, aramid fibres, Kevlar fibres and many plastics). The areas of application are very different, there are hardly any limits.

We have specialised in the production of high quality knitted wire mesh. We offer a wide range of knitted wire products for various applications. Our knitted wire meshes are made from high quality wire available in various thicknesses and materials (including 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4828, 1.4845, 2.4816 Inconel, galvanised wire). We use only the best materials to ensure that our products are durable and robust.

Our technical meshes or knitted wire meshes are produced in various shapes to meet the needs of our customers. Whether round, flat or in other shapes - we have the right knitted wire mesh for you.

Our knitted wire meshes are used in many areas, such as the automotive industry, medicine and the electronics industry. Our products are versatile and can be used for different applications.

If you are looking for high quality technical mesh, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best products and customer service.

Knitted wire mesh we mainly process into ...

  • Damping elements: Knitted wire meshes are also used as damping elements in the automotive industry. For example, they are used in shock absorbers to reduce shocks and vibrations.

  • Seals: Knit wire seals can also be used in the food and beverage industry to prevent contamination of products. Knitted wire gaskets are usually easy to clean and have a long service life, making them a cost-effective solution for the food and beverage industry.
  • Bearing materials: In mechanical and plant engineering, knitted wire mesh is often used as a bearing material for rotating parts such as shafts, bearings and rollers. The use of knit wire mesh as a bearing material can extend the service life of machinery by reducing friction and wear.
  • Filter: Knitted wire mesh is often used as a filter medium in various industries such as the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry and the aerospace industry.
  • Catalyst carrier: Knitted wire mesh can also be used as a carrier material for catalysts in the chemical industry.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more applications for knitted wire mesh. With our experience and expertise, we can help you find the right knitted wire mesh for your specific requirements.

Our fiber knitted fabrics can be found e.g. in ...

  • Insulation materials
  • Composite materials
  • Filter solutions
  • Cut protection products
  • our tree growth sleeve, the "Buckshülle
  • the "Living Wall" for wall planting

And the number of applications continues to grow regularly. This is not only good for us, but also for you. Why not talk to us about your current challenge in sealing, damping, filtering, protecting or more. You will be amazed at what technical meshes can do.

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