Knitted mesh made from high-tech composites.

Our pressed knitted fabrics are ideal for sealing solutions in many cases. They are tough and easily withstand mechanical impacts, temperature fluctuations and chemical stresses. At the same time, they impress with low costs and a long service life.

Whether for blistering heat or freezing cold, we have a large selection of materials with a wide range of properties in stock. We can tailor each of them precisely to your individual application.

BUCK mica and graphite gaskets: Keep tight where others burn out.

BUCK mica and graphite seals are a contemporary alternative to metal beaded seals. There is a good reason for this: the symbiosis of graphite or mica and stainless steel knitted fabric is not only inexpensive to manufacture and particularly light, but can also be individually cut to any fit. The pressed stainless steel mesh serves as a support structure for the graphite or mica, which has excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosive media. Together, these materials provide an effective seal that meets the requirements of high pressure applications. By using high quality mica or graphite and compressed stainless steel mesh, we can produce seals that can withstand high pressures and temperatures. Our graphite gaskets are therefore an ideal solution for applications in the chemical industry, automotive industry, power plants and the oil and gas industry. Maintenance? Can wait. Because thanks to the optimal material composition, they are not only very reliable, but also extremely durable and therefore resource-saving.

By the way: For temperatures up to 500 °C (932 °F) we recommend the graphite seal, and for applications up to approx. 1,000 °C (1652 °F) we recommend the mica seal.

As experts in seals, we at BUCK pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible solution for your high pressure requirements. Our mica and graphite seals are available in a variety of designs and can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to ensure we find the perfect mica and graphite seal for your specific requirements.

At BUCK, we place great emphasis on quality. We only use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to ensure that our seals meet the highest quality standards. All our mica and graphite seals are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure they meet our customers' requirements.

The advantages of our graphite and mica seals:

  • Can compensate a high or large offset (tolerance fluctuations) of the flanges: The worse the quality of the flange partners, the more the gasket compensates for it.
  • Are highly flexible.
  • Have excellent compressibility and elasticity.
  • Withstand high impact loads.
  • Have high lubricating and gas sealing properties: Thanks to anti-stick properties, the gasket can be easily removed from the flange after use (non-stick).


  • Can operate in high temperature, corrosive and material demanding environments: Resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Are available in custom profiles, but can be individually cut to any fit.
  • The larger the seal diameter, the more attractive they are in terms of price.
  • Are extremely durable, thus low-maintenance and resource-saving.
  • Working temperatures: graphite up to 500 °C, mica up to over 1,000 °C.
  • These are special seals and not standard seals.

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